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Tips For Remodeling Your Home

By communicating with your designer before the commencement of your home’s renovation process, the smoother and easier you will find it is to renovate your home completely. Take time and consider what specifics you expect to implement during and after your home renovation process. By so doing, you are guaranteed of saving both money and time. Both of which are rare resources in this case. You will need to ask yourself some questions each time you think of renovating your home.

  1. Home RenovationWhat budget do you have for the entire process?

It is essential to ensure that the renovation process is well within your budgetary capabilities. Your budget should include, and not limited to the contractor’s fees and tax. Do you have a budget that can accommodate any abrupt decisions that may arise at any given point in time?

  1. Which specific rooms in your home require renovation?

This question appears to be the simplest among all these. It is equally important to be prepared in advance and figuring out which specific rooms need renovation. Early preparations mean a smooth home improvement process.

  1. What is your style?

Style only means the design style that you have always wanted to try. The method used would greatly depend on your personal taste and preference.

  1. What is the use of the room you want to renovate?

The desired use of the chamber you would wish to restore is a determining factor. An example of this would be your living room. If you want to create a recreational room where the whole family can get entertained, then you should think of a design that includes increasing space to that which is already available.

  1. Is each and every spot in the house accessible?

Accessibility is important especially when some of your family members are disabled. You should be able to determine whether you will stay in that house long enough. Always consider the fact that at one point in time, mobility around the house could become a nightmare. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you settle on renovation designs that will favor everyone in the family.

  1. Is sustainable design of any importance to you?

Increased energy efficiency and sustainable designs are good for the environment while at the same time cost-efficient in the long run. It is arguably important to understand that there are the possibilities of any trade-offs even before you begin renovating your home.

  1. What are your color preferences?

The color you decide to use during your renovation process is necessary. Factors such as the size of your home or budget will determine whether you use one color all through or blend up some colors to come up with the perfect combination. It is important always to ensure that your designer is well informed of the colors you would like to use.

  1. Do you have any storage requirements?

The decision and choices you make with regards to storage space arise from some other questions. What do you plan on doing in the renovated area? How much property do you have regarding furniture and appliances? Storage needs are therefore essential to consider every time you think of renovating your home.

  1. Flooring preference.

The floor is most likely the first thing anyone would notice when he or she steps into your home. It is, therefore, ideal that you ensure your designer familiarizes himself with the flooring type you like and love. There is a broad range of flooring options that you could choose from including hardwood flooring, stone flooring, porcelain, engineered wood and much more.

  1. What are your favorite materials?

Whether you prefer shiny, sleek surfaces, glass and lacquer surfaces, or subtle matte finishing would affect the material you decide to use during the renovation.

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How many homeowners often ask themselves; what design would be most appropriate because you have a small space? Well, this article is set to highlight some of the most amazing kitchen designs of all time, even with a small space.

Designing Ideas for Small KitchenSmall sized kitchen

The kitchen is a fantastic joint in the house where you can laugh, cook, eat, spend quality time, and even pay a bill. It is, therefore, ideal that you ensure there is adequate space to sustain and accommodate everyone. If you only have a limited kitchen space left, ensure that you conduct proper planning to maximize the available space.

Urban apartment with sleek kitchen

Cozy Finishing and glossy hyperbole are what makes it stand out. Executed for Doug Atherley’s apartment in the Ritz-Carlton exhibition in Chicago, the designer cleverly split it into cooking and eating sections using a gorgeous middle island.

Open air Kitchen

Long windows and doors illuminate the breakfast area. The vast center space provides extra worktop space for food preparation and storage. In totality, the shades of white and powder blue maintain a bright and fresh mood.

 Galley Kitchen in yellow and white

This particular kitchen’s white-and-yellow palette holds much more light that surges through the breakfast room’s connecting windows. Recessed-board, Shaker-style cabinetry allows for continuity along the kitchen’s limited length, while a limestone floor underneath stretches out into the breakfast taking area.

Innovative solutions to a cramped kitchen

The clumsy design of this particular New York condo did not act as a barrier to engineers David Thiergartner and Benjamin Bradley from coming up with a useful kitchen that is at the same time pretty. The ugly bolster divider camouflaged conveniently by adding racks.

Corner kitchen with updated features

The Atlanta kitchen has a sharp redesign that is fresh in the market. With a gray tone, this kitchen appears to be perfect thanks to its fantastic stainless-steel finishing.  With reflected backsplashes and stainless-steel boards behind the range hood mirror, light sneaking from outside makes the room feel open. Add vertical space by using tall cabinetry and range hoods.

Black and white kitchen

This kitchen redesign involves moving your laundry to the far end of your house so as to allow for ample kitchen space. Checkerboard floors with graphic black and white color schemes are both elements that make your kitchen appear bigger in size. This kitchen design has a lot of space. You do not have to sacrifice one thing or the other for you to have enough breakfast area.

The olden day kitchen style.

The high ceiling and galley layout gives a designer the freedom to use surprising elements that would visualize the room to be larger than it is. A large mosaic clock with metallic hands hanging just below the kitchen range would be an immediate focal point when you enter this kitchen. You will most likely get the urge to touch the floor, brick, and polished marble.

Consider using any one of these tips and ideas when thinking of an idea to design your small kitchen.  You will like the look.

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Even though this type of flooring is made from stone, it does not mean that it can withstand just any cleaning method. You need to take extra care when cleaning a granite tile so as to maintain its original beauty. Highlighted in this article are some tips each and every homeowner with granite tile flooring installed should do.

Granite FlooringBlot it, do not wipe

Any spills on granite floorings should be blotted and not wiped. Wiping will only push the spill into small cracks and spaces in the stone.

Dry newly installed and grouted granite

You should not use a wet mop on newly installed granite flooring.  By doing so would assist you to avoid any damages likely to occur on the floor. It is, however, possible that noticeable streaks would appear as a result of spreading any remaining dust. You are therefore better off using an untreated dry dust mop or a vacuum cleaner.

Daily cleaning

Avoid the build-up of dust by ensuring you stick to a daily routine of cleaning the floor. It would reduce the number of thorough cleanups on the floor, thus maintaining its original beauty for much longer durations. It also maintains the cleanliness of your grout which is the most difficult aspect of installing granite floors.

Use cleaning solvents that have a balanced pH

If the need to clean your granite flooring becomes mandatory, you can opt to use cleaning substances that have a balanced pH value. You do not need to go extra miles with commercial cleaning products as they may turn out to be harmful to your floor. Such commercial products can quickly destroy your floor by leaving behind noticeable streaks and a grainy feel. Always ensure that you wipe off any spills thus not allowing it to be dried off by air.

Regularly buff the floor

Granite flooring requires regular buffing. In the event you do not have a buffer, you should think of investing in one. You can buy that eventually if you don’t want it right away.  Small rooms, however, can be buffed using a dry cloth and good ole elbow grease.

Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines with regards to sealer-covered floors

A granite flooring that has sealer coverings will need particular attention to instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. Always ensure to use that the right sealer product is applied to your granite floor.

Do not believe in hearsay or what the salespersons tell you.

The first thing you should do is to research and understand how sealer covered granite floors are cleaned to avoid any unnecessary damages.

It’s only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the proper care of and maintenance of granite floors. Some of the procedures highlighted have over time proved to be more complicated than others. By adhering to these tips, you would be making an assurance to the fact that granite flooring lasts longer than many other flooring options which are sold in stores today.

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There are many paint sprayers available in the market these days, such as high-volume with low-pressure sprayers (HVLP), air sprayers, and airless sprayers and so forth.

Paint SprayersEvery sprayer is designed to help you complete specific painting jobs expeditiously, proficiently, and uniformly, and varies from the other paint sprayers by having enticing features, such as cordless, portability, ease of use, etc. Thus, to have the top paint sprayer pick, you must choose mainly based on the fundamental necessities, such as the type of paints (i.e., oil based or water based), coverage area, the flatness of surface and finishes.

Here are some initial steps of selecting the top-rated paint sprayers on your own.

Sprayer size plays an essential role in choosing a paint sprayer for your requirement. It is prudent to avoid a small handheld model if you want to paint the entire interior of your home. Unless, of course, if you’re just doing a small job.

After deciding on size and type of paint sprayer you require, you must consider the quality. Cheap paint sprayers, more often than not, breakdown after a few uses and they may not have the coating or spray power. Too much amount of spray can also make the job hard to accomplish and can even damage the job.

Another significant factor is the nozzle size which depends on the density of the paint that you will use. Control, speed, and value of paint sprayers rely on the scale of the nozzle. For smaller or narrow surfaces (i.e., railings, fences, etc.), a scattered size of 6 or 8 inches is fairly a good pick while a broader scattering of 10 to 12 inches is the top pick for large surfaces (i.e., ceilings, walls).

Similarly, you must have an adequate amount of liquid in a basin so that you don’t need to discontinue frequently during the task. Alternatively, it also does not need to be so much in an amount that may turn into a difficult undertaking for you. Hence, it will be prudent on your side if you pick out reasonable load for the tank.

Likewise, you must compare the rate list of different models with the accessories available with the item before making a final purchase. You may end up almost doubling your original investment paying for the tools that are not included at the time of purchase.

When making an ultimate buying decision based on the accessories that are or aren’t included with your paint sprayer, it is important to select and pick wisely. We also recommend going through the reviews of the item you need to buy at for a worthwhile opinion before making your final choice.

In a conclusion, you must consider the following factors of paints sprayers:

  • Size
  • Nozzle size
  • Ease of use
  • Uniform Coating
  • Speed
  • Volume of basin/container
  • Accessories
  • Paint sprayer reviews
  • Price

Therefore, it becomes vital for you to be familiar with all the significant factors of every type of paint sprayer so you may arrive at choosing the best rated.

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paintOur world is full of illusions, and when a fantasy combines with a life-hack, there is nothing better than that. We all want our rooms to look spacious, and we can make the rooms look larger by following some simple tips. Most of us think that using a white color or a neutral color palette can make a room look spacious, but unfortunately, it’s a misconception. There are no particular set of rules for a small space; you just have to make the space personal and appealing to you. We recommend calling The Painting Pro Guys for painting advice from a professional. A professional painter will help you pick the right shade and tones for your room. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in extending your small space.


Sharp colors can do wonders
Bright space can help you to expand an area. A palette full of intense colors is better than the duller ones. Color combinations with negative spaces between them enhance a room’s clarity and openness. You can look for a texture which combines bright chintzes with colorful plaids.


Let the splashes of color radiate
Coloring room with unexpected accents can make your rooms look spacious. If you have a hall, then you can paint it with bold colors and touch up your living room with bright colors which in-turn will make it look more spacious in comparison.


Use a Focal Wall
Many designers hate the idea of painting one wall different than the others, but it can do wonders in a small space. Color the focal wall with a bold color and follow the adjacent walls with sharp colors to make space look larger than it is in actual.


Choose the base color
Different wall colors can make your apartment look divided, but different shades of the same color make it united. Similarly, if you use most of the things in the room like pillow or fan of the same color as of the wall with different shades, it can make it a cohesive space.


Apply your imagination to the kitchen
Kitchen walls are the best places to bring out your spicy imagination. Everybody wants a gorgeous surrounding for the place where they slice, chop, dice, fry and bake food. Light colors add the much-needed brightness to the room and make it more spacious. You can use trendy colors like red in your kitchen.


Add a bold color to your bathroom
Bright colors bring out the best in the bathrooms. A peachy-pink color adds an aroma to your bathroom; the rose complexion gives a soothing charm to the eyes. You can go for a color like brown in your bathroom, just remember to increase the bodacious scale.


Foxy Finishing
Some special techniques can add a lot of valor to your small space. Paint your ceilings with a darker color and extend it to the top of the walls. Also, using metallic stripes with a chair rail widens the appearance of the space.


Be Mobile!
Adding colors in a non-paint way is a cheap way to decorate. Apartment dwellers can use big canvases, hanging fabrics and wall decals to add color to the house. The benefit is that you can move with your color when you get a bigger apartment.


Never forget Black
You may use many colors in the small space but remember black always gives it a character. Using black things like a frame or a lamp will clarify the other colors and help to ground you some space.

Try a preview
It’s always better to experiment with the colors before slapping it all over the apartment walls. Just apply a little paint and see if it is working or not for you.


Although colors are an important aspect to make your rooms larger but always remember that furniture is also equally important. Carefully placed furnishings and optimally chosen colors can create space beyond the room’s diminutive size.

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Humans have always aspired to improve their life conditions, and this instinct has lead us out of the caves and huts and our living spaces evolved with us. But, the need for having better conditions is ongoing, and the scale of those changes does not have to be at the global level since we all want to make even the smallest of improvements in our homes so that our living conditions are better and more comfortable. That is why remodeling is an important activity, and every house can be upgraded and improved if the correct operations are performed and the right people are hired.

remodeling_mediumNot every remodeling job requires a professional, and some tasks can be carried out in a do-it-yourself manner, but this should be done with extreme care and with safety precautions taken. Some activities around the house, such as basic demolition and deconstruction can be relatively easy and straightforward, but electrical wiring or plumbing can often get in the way, and multiple problems can arise. Some of those problems can even be life-threatening, so it is advisable to pick a skilled constructor for almost any renovation activity. However, not all professionals are the same, and you should always check a few names, talk to friends and colleagues to receive honest reviews about constructors they have worked with in the past, and so on.

contractorBefore starting the actual work, it is important to make some other decisions as well. For example, it is essential to make clear plans for the actions and activities that will be performed when the renovations start. Planning ahead and putting everything on paper can help you spot mistakes early on, and this saves time and money in the long run. If a certain problem appears, it is much easier to solve it before the work starts and a sound plan is your best ally in this process. Additionally, planning involves the procurement of all the necessary material, and every new item or an appliance that you want to have installed in your “new” home should be ordered on time.

etablir-mon-budgetOf course, the budget is an important element in remodeling a home, and not many of us can afford every new item on the market. Limitations can cause frustrations and headaches, but a little bit of creativity can go a long way in this process, and many costs can be prevented or decreased by the right planning and proper decisions. For instance, the Internet is filled with articles that list tips about the ways in which you can save money when renovating a home, and many of those tips can be easily incorporated into every situation and every house. Using recycled or lightly used items, for example, is just one of many ways in which you can lower the total amount of your spending. However, cutting costs should always be done in moderation, simply because long-term thinking is imperative in home remodeling and low-quality items and weak material can cause a lot of damage and be a source of many problems later in life, so it is best to stick to reliable manufacturers and high-quality products.

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