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There are many paint sprayers available in the market these days, such as high-volume with low-pressure sprayers (HVLP), air sprayers, and airless sprayers and so forth.

Paint SprayersEvery sprayer is designed to help you complete specific painting jobs expeditiously, proficiently, and uniformly, and varies from the other paint sprayers by having enticing features, such as cordless, portability, ease of use, etc. Thus, to have the top paint sprayer pick, you must choose mainly based on the fundamental necessities, such as the type of paints (i.e., oil based or water based), coverage area, the flatness of surface and finishes.

Here are some initial steps of selecting the top-rated paint sprayers on your own.

Sprayer size plays an essential role in choosing a paint sprayer for your requirement. It is prudent to avoid a small handheld model if you want to paint the entire interior of your home. Unless, of course, if you’re just doing a small job.

After deciding on size and type of paint sprayer you require, you must consider the quality. Cheap paint sprayers, more often than not, breakdown after a few uses and they may not have the coating or spray power. Too much amount of spray can also make the job hard to accomplish and can even damage the job.

Another significant factor is the nozzle size which depends on the density of the paint that you will use. Control, speed, and value of paint sprayers rely on the scale of the nozzle. For smaller or narrow surfaces (i.e., railings, fences, etc.), a scattered size of 6 or 8 inches is fairly a good pick while a broader scattering of 10 to 12 inches is the top pick for large surfaces (i.e., ceilings, walls).

Similarly, you must have an adequate amount of liquid in a basin so that you don’t need to discontinue frequently during the task. Alternatively, it also does not need to be so much in an amount that may turn into a difficult undertaking for you. Hence, it will be prudent on your side if you pick out reasonable load for the tank.

Likewise, you must compare the rate list of different models with the accessories available with the item before making a final purchase. You may end up almost doubling your original investment paying for the tools that are not included at the time of purchase.

When making an ultimate buying decision based on the accessories that are or aren’t included with your paint sprayer, it is important to select and pick wisely. We also recommend going through the reviews of the item you need to buy at for a worthwhile opinion before making your final choice.

In a conclusion, you must consider the following factors of paints sprayers:

  • Size
  • Nozzle size
  • Ease of use
  • Uniform Coating
  • Speed
  • Volume of basin/container
  • Accessories
  • Paint sprayer reviews
  • Price

Therefore, it becomes vital for you to be familiar with all the significant factors of every type of paint sprayer so you may arrive at choosing the best rated.

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paintOur world is full of illusions, and when a fantasy combines with a life-hack, there is nothing better than that. We all want our rooms to look spacious, and we can make the rooms look larger by following some simple tips. Most of us think that using a white color or a neutral color palette can make a room look spacious, but unfortunately, it’s a misconception. There are no particular set of rules for a small space; you just have to make the space personal and appealing to you. We recommend calling The Painting Pro Guys for painting advice from a professional. A professional painter will help you pick the right shade and tones for your room. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in extending your small space.


Sharp colors can do wonders
Bright space can help you to expand an area. A palette full of intense colors is better than the duller ones. Color combinations with negative spaces between them enhance a room’s clarity and openness. You can look for a texture which combines bright chintzes with colorful plaids.


Let the splashes of color radiate
Coloring room with unexpected accents can make your rooms look spacious. If you have a hall, then you can paint it with bold colors and touch up your living room with bright colors which in-turn will make it look more spacious in comparison.


Use a Focal Wall
Many designers hate the idea of painting one wall different than the others, but it can do wonders in a small space. Color the focal wall with a bold color and follow the adjacent walls with sharp colors to make space look larger than it is in actual.


Choose the base color
Different wall colors can make your apartment look divided, but different shades of the same color make it united. Similarly, if you use most of the things in the room like pillow or fan of the same color as of the wall with different shades, it can make it a cohesive space.


Apply your imagination to the kitchen
Kitchen walls are the best places to bring out your spicy imagination. Everybody wants a gorgeous surrounding for the place where they slice, chop, dice, fry and bake food. Light colors add the much-needed brightness to the room and make it more spacious. You can use trendy colors like red in your kitchen.


Add a bold color to your bathroom
Bright colors bring out the best in the bathrooms. A peachy-pink color adds an aroma to your bathroom; the rose complexion gives a soothing charm to the eyes. You can go for a color like brown in your bathroom, just remember to increase the bodacious scale.


Foxy Finishing
Some special techniques can add a lot of valor to your small space. Paint your ceilings with a darker color and extend it to the top of the walls. Also, using metallic stripes with a chair rail widens the appearance of the space.


Be Mobile!
Adding colors in a non-paint way is a cheap way to decorate. Apartment dwellers can use big canvases, hanging fabrics and wall decals to add color to the house. The benefit is that you can move with your color when you get a bigger apartment.


Never forget Black
You may use many colors in the small space but remember black always gives it a character. Using black things like a frame or a lamp will clarify the other colors and help to ground you some space.

Try a preview
It’s always better to experiment with the colors before slapping it all over the apartment walls. Just apply a little paint and see if it is working or not for you.


Although colors are an important aspect to make your rooms larger but always remember that furniture is also equally important. Carefully placed furnishings and optimally chosen colors can create space beyond the room’s diminutive size.

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