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Even though this type of flooring is made from stone, it does not mean that it can withstand just any cleaning method. You need to take extra care when cleaning a granite tile so as to maintain its original beauty. Highlighted in this article are some tips each and every homeowner with granite tile flooring installed should do.

Granite FlooringBlot it, do not wipe

Any spills on granite floorings should be blotted and not wiped. Wiping will only push the spill into small cracks and spaces in the stone.

Dry newly installed and grouted granite

You should not use a wet mop on newly installed granite flooring.  By doing so would assist you to avoid any damages likely to occur on the floor. It is, however, possible that noticeable streaks would appear as a result of spreading any remaining dust. You are therefore better off using an untreated dry dust mop or a vacuum cleaner.

Daily cleaning

Avoid the build-up of dust by ensuring you stick to a daily routine of cleaning the floor. It would reduce the number of thorough cleanups on the floor, thus maintaining its original beauty for much longer durations. It also maintains the cleanliness of your grout which is the most difficult aspect of installing granite floors.

Use cleaning solvents that have a balanced pH

If the need to clean your granite flooring becomes mandatory, you can opt to use cleaning substances that have a balanced pH value. You do not need to go extra miles with commercial cleaning products as they may turn out to be harmful to your floor. Such commercial products can quickly destroy your floor by leaving behind noticeable streaks and a grainy feel. Always ensure that you wipe off any spills thus not allowing it to be dried off by air.

Regularly buff the floor

Granite flooring requires regular buffing. In the event you do not have a buffer, you should think of investing in one. You can buy that eventually if you don’t want it right away.  Small rooms, however, can be buffed using a dry cloth and good ole elbow grease.

Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines with regards to sealer-covered floors

A granite flooring that has sealer coverings will need particular attention to instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. Always ensure to use that the right sealer product is applied to your granite floor.

Do not believe in hearsay or what the salespersons tell you.

The first thing you should do is to research and understand how sealer covered granite floors are cleaned to avoid any unnecessary damages.

It’s only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the proper care of and maintenance of granite floors. Some of the procedures highlighted have over time proved to be more complicated than others. By adhering to these tips, you would be making an assurance to the fact that granite flooring lasts longer than many other flooring options which are sold in stores today.

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